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Music, photos and musings from the composer, violist, storyteller, martial artist and multi-media cosmonaut.
Today he and I found a hidden spot in a magical bamboo forest. We schemed about the future and made further plans on how to best suck the marrow out of life. #sundaylove (at Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens)
"For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled."
Hunter S. Thompson
I’ve discovered a wormhole in downtown LA… A studio that provides classes in the aerial arts. And I’m about to have my first intro class in aerial flying! It was a gift provided to me by the owner of the space. When she found out I am a martial artist/rock climber/ex-gymnast, she insisted that I try this out, said I am built for this art form. We’ll see… No matter what I’m stoked, I’m about to swing around and flyyyyyy!!!
#RIPRobinWilliams Your passing is teaching us all…
What will your verse be?
This month I’m starting my days listening to and studying blues music. My first crash course will be this “ABC of the Blues” collection which has 52 CDs full of #music history… Do any of you love the #blues too? If so, who are your favorites?
It’s a work day. I was asked to make some demo tracks for a car commercial, and create new string arrangements for well-known songs by Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. So I recruited my friend Nico Mansy to collaborate on this, since he scores music for commercials all the time. If we get the gig I’ll share what sexy car this is for and which song I’m working on. If I don’t get the gig, this post will self-destruct, Mission Impossible style. #behindthescenes
So I’ve taken my niece to the shops on Rodeo Drive, showed her mansions in Bel Air, we rode the ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier, hung out with the skateboarders on the Venice Beach boardwalk, checked out the street art in the Arts District of downtown, bought kitschy toys in Little Tokyo, and now we’re at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Whatcha think gang, did I give her a quality Los Angeles experience? Did I miss anything? 👯💖 #hollywoodbowl #la #losangeles
Me n’ my niece at the rock climbing gym. She’s visiting me this week… Last night we went climbing, and right now she’s banging on my drum set like a rock star. I think ‘Beautiful Badass’ might be her destiny.
At the rock climbing gym! When I was in college I was a climbing junkie. I was at the gym twice a week, I couldn’t get enough… And when I moved to California I stopped climbing for some reason. But I’m back! And it’s good to be back, I love this climbing monkey-business. (at Sender One Climbing)